Converting Your Carport into a Garage: How Much Will It Cost?

A carport is different from a garage. Basically, a carport ca accommodates your car alone, while garages are bigger and allows you to store your tools and other items. Garages also allow you to do home-repairs and car repairs on your own or with a pal, without having to disturb the rest of the house. Most carports lie beside the house while most garages are placed on the backyard or a separate area where you can function without having to bring chaos to your living areas.


Photo Credit: Hamster3D via Pinterest

Back in the 60’s and 70’s most houses have garages. Nowadays, to save money and to prevent one from having to purchase a garage door and a door opener, carports became a more favored choice. However, car enthusiasts might want to invest in a bigger area for their cares. This is where they can freely fix, maintain or modify their cars without the rest of the household having to deal with the noise that such activities bring.

Although some car owners, especially the ones that got theirs through a fully-maintained novated lease like the ones from Lease Xpress Australia will not be stressed about having a place where they can do repairs for their vehicles, we will give you an idea of the things and financial aspects that you should consider when you finally decided to change your carport to a garage.

Examine your existing carport. Do you want to keep a carport and have a separate garage where you can do other stuffs beside things that concerns your car or do you want to convert your carport into a garage? This will be the basis of the things that you will need to do and the budget that you need to prepare to go on with your projects. Converting your carport into a garage is much cheaper because you will just need to enclose the area except for the entrance. Building a new garage can be expensive but you can customize it depending on your needs. Either of the two, you will need to secure a garage door for your new garage and an automatic garage door opener, if the budget permits.

Building walls for your garage will not be that expensive and may not require you to hire a profession or expert if you will not require additional roofs or an additional foundation. But, if you do, it would be wise to hire a professional contractor to do the work for you to ensure the structural stability of your garage and the rest of your home. This however doubles your cost and can get you around $600 or more required extra budget.

Develop a good estimate of the materials that you will use for your garage. You may also need to canvass prices from different lumber yards and home depots in your area to get a fair price for your materials. If you will do the work on your own, worrying about labor cost is not an issue.

As for your garage door, it would be wise to get a supplier that installs garage doors because this require expertise and keen knowledge to be able to make the garage door operate properly. It is worth your money. Overall, you may spend a minimum of $3000 up to $8000 to have a complete garage ready for your car and your DIY projects. Saving up to be able to fund such additions for your home is a wiser decision rather than working and then stopping when you ran out of budget.


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