5 Ways To Find Affordable, Quality Parts For Your Vehicle

The latest offerings  automakers has the industry buzzing. Coupled with steep discounts, cars are rolling out of showrooms at a record clip. Not everyone is buying a new car these days, instead a significant number of car lovers are maintaining and keeping their cars for five or ten years, even longer. However, finding affordable, quality parts for any model car can be difficult particularly as the car ages. Let’s look at five ways you can find parts for your soon to be classic.


Photo Credit: Cheap Car 1 via Pinterest

  1. The Dealers. Some dealer inventories are extensive and include parts for classic models including the Dodge Charger, Coronet, and Omni; Ford Mustang, Thunderbird, and LTD; and Chevrolet Camaro, Caprice, and Vega. Their prices, however, can be steep as you are paying the dealer rate and receiving genuine manufacturer parts.
  2. The Junk Yard. The cheapest parts out there can be pulled off a wreck that has been placed in a salvage yard. Of course finding the particular make/model part and hoping that it isn’t damaged or worn out is another thing.
  3. Parts Stores. Your local parts store may stock what you need. If not, the better ones can place an order and have it shipped in.
  4. Ebay. What isn’t sold online through eBay and other auction sites? Precious little! There is one important caveat with purchasing through an auction site: fraud is rampant. Only purchase through these types of businesses if you know the buyer and you can get a guarantee.
  5. Shop Online. Brick and mortar stores are receiving stiff competition from online purveyors. Some are good, some aren’t. Things to look for in an online merchant: check to make sure that they are a recognized name in the industry, stock quality parts, offer toll free phone support, ship from a U.S. address, and their shipping and handling fees are clearly stated. Prices at these types of stores are usually very competitive; they are also the same stores that many of your local parts stores order from. If you order from them directly, you will cut out the middle man and realize significant savings.

Shop informed. Know your options to be able to get the best deals possible for your car parts and servicing needs. Or better yet, consider novated leasing Australia and get a fully maintained lease for your vehicles to save on costs and get the best discounts possible for your purchase.


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