Welcome to Budget Cars

Hello everyone, this is Brooke from Budget Cars.

I really love cars. I used to spent a lot of afternoons together with my brothers and Dad tinkering stuff on the garage trying to make the old engine of his Beetle work. It did after a few months of grease, sweat and a lot of hard work. Google and YouTube was not that popular back then so it was all done with our combined efforts.

Ever since, I have been fascinated with cars and everything that allows us to move from one place to another. However, these mean machines do not come for free and requires most of the time a lot of money.

Now, I am all grown up and making memories with my kids like what my Dad used to with me and my siblings, I would want to change the belief that only the few and wealthy can have cars they can call their own.

Thus the birth of Budget Cars!

You can have your own car, at a budget convenient for you through renting, lease or novated lease. The options and choices are close to endless. Thus, believing that having a car is impossible is definitely a lie. Read on and discover how you can score your own car, at a budget, without even having to sacrifice your lunch. xoxo



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